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Soccer facilities should be made to ensure they can effectively facilitate competition, training and other educational programs related to soccer. The main Facilities should be located in areas that are easily accessible from various locations. This article will highlight the main soccer facilities located in Ontario.

Ontario Soccer Park

The soccer park is situated at 2200 East of Philadelphia, Ontario, CA 91761. The area is easily accessible, and it has ample private parking for cars and bikes. The ambiance is good, and it is very safe for kids. The park provides for night plays as it is fitted with floodlights.

Cabrillo Park & Soccer Complex

The complex is situated on 1465W 11th street Upland, CA 91786. It is easily accessible, and even though it does not provide parking for bikes, it has a private and ample parking lot for cars. It is safe, and kids are allowed inside. The complex has about 12 soccer fields, which make it one of the most extensive soccer facilities in Ontario.

La Puerta Sports Park

The sports park is located at 2430 N Indian Hill Blvd in Claremont CA, 91711. Its location makes the park accessible from any direction. The facility has excellent soccer fields with adequate lighting, even for night games. They don’t have a private parking lot, but you can park in the street, which will save you from a dent or two by soccer balls. The field sizes are adequate and well maintained; hence, suitable even children.

The Upland Sports Arena

The soccer arena is located in 1721 W 11th Street, Upland, CA 91786. It is easily accessible from all directions and provides a private parking lot. You can also choose to park in the streets. They also offer parking for bikes. The area is also accessible by wheelchair for people living with disabilities.