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With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19, there has been a global cessation of sports training. Ontario experienced the same cessations, but over the recent past, practice has been taking place in some facilities. Caution should be observed during the training. This article highlights a few guidelines that have been set out by authorities as training facilities gradually re-open.


Before commencing training, all players, coaches and staff within the facility should get tested. It will ensure only healthy trainees partake in practice, and anyone who is infected is isolated and treated. When in isolation, players can enjoy the Playamo First Deposit Bonus as they get through the trying period. This will help them avoid stress associated with the virus.

Train Small Batches Per Session

Depending on the size of the facility and the number of trainees, players can be divided into small groups that train together at a time. It will prevent overcrowding, which is one of the directives by the World Health Organization.

Proper Sanitization

Sanitisation points should be installed at every entry point and random points within the facility both for cars and humans. It will ensure that everyone will be appropriately sanitized before they enter the facility. This will help to eliminate the virus both on their clothes and bodies, so they don’t leave it all over the training facility.

Avoid Contact

When training, athletes should avoid contact as much as possible especially in non-contact sports. Since they cannot wear facemasks while they train, being away from one other will reduce the chances of spreading infections.

Restrict Entry

Entry by the public should be restricted. Only athletes that have been cleared entry by the relevant authority should be allowed inside. All the guidelines provided by the Ontario health department should be adhered to.

If the above guidelines are followed, the facilities will gradually open for the trainees, the professionals and eventually to the public.